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Air-to-water heat pump
RecuPAC Air-to-water heat pump

RecuPAC Air-to-water heat pump


The RecuPAC heat pump produces heat from the exhaust air flow. As long as heat is required, the heat pump operates continuously. The RecuPAC heat pump is normally connected to the hydraulic system via a buffer cylinder. The condensation temperature is always set as low as possible to maximise the COP for heat production.

Functional description

The RecuPAC heat pump can be easily integrated hydraulically using the built-in internal pump and the 3-way valve. The control of the RecuPAC can also be extended for an external group pump or for a temperature-controlled setpoint shift. This means that the RecuPAC can be used alone or in combination with other heat generators.

The control functions are programmed in the built-in Siemens processor with PLC screen. They are individually parameterised to the system configuration for each installation. It is envisaged that the RecuPAC heat pump will be equipped with remote access via an IP address. This option is recommended because optimisation and readjustment can be carried out easily and with little effort.

The design of the Mountair RecuPAC heat pump is based on the tried and tested S2 unit series. The housing is designed as a thermally decoupled frame construction. The panels are 42 mm/54 mm thick, thermally decoupled and fitted with high-quality PIR insulation. (Classification T2/TB2/L1/D1). Available as an outdoor unit with a sarnafil roof or as an indoor unit in various configurations .

The heat pump itself is preferably equipped with R134a. (variants with CO2, R32, etc.). Frequency-controlled Bitzer semi-hermetic compressors, combined with electronic expansion valves from Danfoss, enable clean regulation even with fluctuating air volumes and loads. This high-quality RecuPAC heat pump will work for you in continuous operation and provide you with reliable heating energy.

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